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ultimate summer bucket list

at the beginning of summer i started to put together a bucket list of things i’ve really wanted to do in the past summers..some i have already done, some i have yet to do. i hope this list inspires you to get adventuring!

  1. go to rainbow-river
  2. make homemade lemonade
  3. go to the beach a build a sandcastle
  4. have a picnic at the park
  5. backyard camping
  6. go to the local farmer’s market
  7. go paddle boarding
  8. play messy twister
  9. go to a concert
  10. make homemade pizza
  11. dress up fancy and go out to dinner with friends
  12. go zip-lining
  13. tie-dye shirts
  14. go thrift shopping
  15. go to a music festival
  16. watch the sunset and sunrise
  17. participate in a 5k
  18. get ice cream from a local ice cream shop
  19. play mini golf
  20. make cake pops
  21. get a *good* tan
  22. glow stick swimming
  23. volunteer with little kids
  24. keep a journal
  25. fly kites
  26. go fishing
  27. get snow cones
  28. watch fireworks
  29. ride bikes
  30. make glow in the dark bubbles
  31. go roller skating
  32. play backyard jenga
  33. spend the whole day at the beach
  34. make lots of memories ❀

FullSizeRender (1) IMG_3104

have fun!

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