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as I sit in my bed at 10:43pm, watching the Christmas episode of Friends, writing letters to my pen pals and drinking peppermint hot chocolate; I’m thinking about ten different things. just to name a few, the spilled sugar I just cleaned up, an upcoming mission trip, the episode of Friends I’m watching, a concert in July, the stuff we went over at Bible study and so much more. While I’m thinking about all this stuff, God stopped me for a second. I have so much going on in my life right now and I am so busy.

The little siblings that make the messes (I am not thankful for the messes 😉 ), the opportunity that has been given to me to go back to Yucatan, Mexico in the spring, the privledge to have Netflix to binge watch Friends, the pen pals that God has put in my life to encourage one another, the privledge to go to my favorite band’s concert next year and every other little thing in my life. Wow, I should be so thankful, right? But that’s not always the case, so many times I find my self complaining about the Internet being too slow, or the messes that I’m constantly cleaning up. While all of that is so minor in God’s eyes. He knows that we’ll be just fine with slow internet and having to stop what we’re doing to go help someone else. It’s in these down-time moments that I’m the most thankful, when I have the quiet time to sit down and get some “me” things done, pray with God, and sit back and relax in my cozy bed. I know this sounds so cliche but this month I am challenging you to write down one thing everyday that you are thankful for and at the end of the month, look back and see what you’ve listed.

Today I am thankful for the little things.

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