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christmas time is finally here.

Christmas! Pretty lights on the tree, Christmas! I’m watching them shine, Christmas! You should be here with me, Christmas! Baby please come home!! My favorite Christmas song, and the Michael Buble version is the best! I love this time of year! The house smells of peppermint, it’s finally “cold”, the tree is lit up every night, the stockings are hung with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there; the children are nestled all snug in their beds; while visions of sugar plums–oh there I go again, getting carried away with Christmas!  I am so so so excited for the Christmas season, with this past week in FL being a little chillier, it is so so nice. I love it!

This season let’s not forget. Let’s not forget the reason for the season. That sounds cliche but it’s so true and we need to remember the reason that we give presents & why we celebrate this holiday. So much of the stuff that we do for Christmas is so worldly, materialistic and so unneeded. It’s not bad, don’t get me wrong I love decorating the house for Christmas as much as the next girl but we shouldn’t make the whole season about that. It’s about more, it’s about Jesus, giving to others in need and appreciating how blessed we are. In my small group at my youth group, we had a new girl come to our group. Everything was normal, we were talking about Secret Santa gifts, group events and weekly announcements. As we were going through questions about the sermon we had just heard, so many of us were complaining about how we knew that they weren’t going to get something for Christmas that we really wanted or telling stories of when their parents didn’t get them an iPhone when they really wanted it; all while someone in that room that we’d never met was literally fighting for their life and we didn’t even know it. I think that after she shared her story about how she is so sick and that she is going through hard times with her family and how everyday she has is a blessing because she doesn’t know how long she has to live, it really puts all of our little problems into perspective. We don’t need the new latest & greatest iPhone, we don’t need that new Urban Decay eye shadow, we can live just fine without those things. We take things for granted, we take life for granted, we even take God for granted. It’s so so important that we understand how blessed we really are, that we thank God for our healthy lives, that we thank God for the things He has given us.

Life is short, we never know when something tragic is going to happen, we should always cherish and love the time that we have with our family and friends. Christmas is a time for family and a time for blessing others in need. Remember Mary, remember her story; she had to travel for days on a donkey, nine months pregnant. She was probably think what the heck God? Why would you put me in this situation? She had to give birth to a baby in a barn. A freaking barn, with smelly loud animals, probably animal waste everywhere…so gross. Jesus was born into a poor family, so poor that he had no bed, but a manger instead, yet Mary & Joseph were thankful for what they had. I hope that this Christmas you would give to others in need and show the love of God to them. Merry Christmas!


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