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time to get outdoors!

I love being outside, especially when it gets chillier in FL! The air is nice and crisp and perfect for a bike ride or a walk, it’s beautiful.

Since the weather is so pretty, I decided that after church we would come home, eat lunch and go on a bike ride to the park… {note: the park is about a mile away but we go through neighborhoods to get there to avoid crossing streets} So we all got out helmets on and pumped up those tires and we were off! bike ride collage 2-14-16.jpg

We were off to a great start, we got about a half mile in and then one of A’s training wheels fell off. Awesome. Since we do not carry a wrench with us while biking, {maybe we should start} A had to persevere and lean on the training wheel that was still in tact. After about five minutes the kids had decided to scrap the park idea and just go to the nearby bridge that is over a lake to watch the birds and fish. So before we turned around, we all stopped and we prayed for safety and for endurance because boy did we need it and God graciously gave it to the younger kids because they pushed through and made it all the way to the bridge.

Once we got to the bridge, we parked the bikes and sat on the benches to rest and enjoy the outdoors and everything in it. It was so cool to see the kids and listen to them telling about what fish they saw in the water or hear about the birds flying above us. God’s creations are so beautiful! How awesome is it that the same God that created the universe and the Earth and everything in it, also created us? I don’t know about you but I think that’s pretty amazing!

We had been on some difficult roads but they lead us to a beautiful destination.


Whether you are taking a bike ride, walking with a friend, running or even sitting outside enjoying the outdoors, remember to thank God for giving us this beautiful place!


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