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life on the beach

Sometimes when you go to the beach, its awesome! Your stuff is all laid out, the water is just right, the sand is perfect for sandcastles and its the perfect weather and day to get a tan!! Those are the beach trips that everyone dreams of, but let’s get real; that’s just not how it goes.

Life on the beach seems easy and fun and happy and you never want to leave! …until you get there and you have to carry all of your stuff from the parking lot to the beach, you get to the beach and everyone is packed like sardines leaving no place for you to sit, you finally find a spot and it’s next to someone who is blaring their music, there’s sand in your pants, all over your towel, you end up with a sunburn and the seagull took your lunch. :/ That’s pretty much how it goes. But it doesn’t have to be that way! If you have positivity & determination going into a situation or adventure then you will have a much better outcome/time!!

Usually when my family goes to the beach, everything and more that is listed above is what happens. But today was different. It was so easy, the little kids were obedient, we kept all of our food from the seagulls (except for a cheeto, gretchen had one in her mouth and a seagull came diving in for the catch to take the cheeto and leave a little bite on the lip, poor girl! She was very traumatized, as anyone would be, but we went to collect shells after and she was a happy girl once again!) , we kept the sand outside of our pants, and we found a nice spot right by the water. It was a blessing!

Today was a day where everything that is going bad in your life just seems to fade away. Every little overwhelming thing didn’t matter in these moments, we were having such a great time, it was like a breath of fresh air! This morning when we had set out to leave the house at 11am and really left at 12:30pm we weren’t upset or frustrated, we were doing everything with the right attitude and just the right amount of positive! So remember to be positive in every situation because the outcome and the way you handle it will be sooo much better!

Now, I couldn’t post about the beach without some pictures!! The vlog for this trip will be up on the Billo Family Vlogs channel tomorrow! Make sure to subscribe so you can be the first to hear about new videos!


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