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hello there, long time no see. as you can probably tell, i’ve been quite busy. we all get busy, i have said it a million times. but i’m happy that i was busy because in that busy time, god has called to do something great, something greater than myself. it’s going to take me away from blogging on life on cloud 9, but i will still be putting my writing skills to good use at Hashtag Encourage.

one of my best friends, Delaney and i have been working hard on creating a brand that is all aboutย encouraging girls through Christ and His Word. you may think that it’s just a bunch of Bible verses, but we like to have fun too! at Hashtag Encourage, we love to empower others and inspire collaboration, we want this to be a community, full of love and support.

since we just launched in late June, our website is not quite ready but we’d love to connect with you via Instagram, Twitter & Facebook! we do our best to bring you quality content every week, which includes, awesome testimonies & stories from girls just like you, Bible verses, photography (if you are local, please, please let me know if you’d like to be apart of one of our upcoming photoshoots, we desperately need models!),ย fun giveaways and so much more, we hope you will join in on the fun!



thank you to all of the lovely ladies who have stood by us, encouraging & prayiing for u as we start this journey, we appreciate it more than you know.

lots of love,

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