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a thank you to the people of 2016

To the good, the bad, the ugly. To the friends, family & people you pass on the highway.

2016 was full of growth, learning, hard times, fun & everything in between.

January: Thank you to the people who fought with me and gave me a hard time because through those situations that seemed tough and confusing at the time, they have made me stronger. I learned to not let useless drama effect my attitude and that what others say & do doesn’t control me. I love this quote, “being positive in a negative situation is not naive, it’s leadership.”

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”

1 Timothy 4:12

February: Thank you God for time. In February, I found out that my best friend was moving 598 miles away. It was one of the toughest things to digest and fully accept. Thankfully we had time, not much but just enough to hang out every week, do some more dumb stuff and make some more memories.

March & April: Thank you FL beaches. I didn’t do much in march but I went to the beach a lot! We had fun every single time, making new memories and new sandcastles. 

May: Thank you to the St Petersburg EMTs…you saved our lives! My first all-day music festival was in May, I was so sure that I could do it, but the Florida heat said no. Kendall & I passed out {and we had barricade! :(} during the second band {pathetic, I know} because of what we think was dehydration and low blood sugar.To all concert go-ers, PLEASE drink LOTS of water!! This was a very scary experience and I hope that it never happens to you!

June: Thank you to the friends that came by my side and picked me back up in the tough times. My best friend moved 598 miles away, it was by far the TOUGHEST thing to deal with because I can’t have those spontaneous sleepovers or the fun trips to the beach or the movie nights anymore. Before she left I was constantly thinking things like, “I won’t have anyone to do life with,” and “no one will hang out with me anymore,” or “no one will want to be my friend.” Thank you to the new and old friends, I don’t have to live in loneliness or fear that I don’t have anyone in my corner.

July: Thank you to everyone who helped & believed in me when I had the vision to launch Hashtag Encourage. Since July we have gained over 400 followers on Instagram, 100+ likes on Facebook, 40+ followers on Twitter and launched our blog! This calling on my life has helped me to realize that I need encouragement just as much as any other girl & encouraging others encourages me!

August: Thank you to everyone who came to my sweet sixteen. I know that this may seem dumb but that party was so much fun & I enjoyed every minute of it. In August I also had the opportunity to get my license and it was definitely a highlight of 2016 because I felt like I had waited an eternity!

September: Thank you Tennessee for a fun week. I flew by myself for the first time, overcame some anxiety and went all the way to Nashville, TN to see my grandparents & my best friend! We had so much fun going to concerts, eating good food, exploring the city and just hanging out. It’s been tough without Abby in FL but I know that God has her in TN for a good reason! 

October: Thank you LANY for a kick-butt show. I went to my junior homecoming {it’s never as fun as you think it will be, I don’t know why I go every year} with one of my best friends and saw one of my favorite bands the next week. {tip: go listen to LANY, so good!} 

November: Thank you Tire Kingdom for a safe car. This was also a big month for me, in the past 11 months I had been saving $200+/month for a car and God finally paved the road {pun intended} and made it possible for me to purchase my first car {in full, thanks for the advice Dave Ramsey! ;)} This was such a huge milestone for me, my first $1000+ purchase! It was definitley worth all of the long days spent babysitting and the few photo sessions that I have done in the past months. Even though I didn’t recieve my car until Christmas Eve, I am very thankful for all of the guys that worked on it to make sure it was safe for me to drive. 

December: Thank you Jesus. This was a busy month, as it always is. But I’m thankful that Jesus is always the center of the season. This Christmas was truly one for the books. 

To the good, thank you for being there for me and making 2016 a good year.

To the bad, thank you for showing me that there is so much more good than bad.

To the ugly, you yo daddy’s son. {please, let’s leave this in 2016}

To the friends, thanks for the good times and for always reminding me to look at the positive things in life.

To the family, thanks for keeping me on my toes and being there when no one else isn’t.

To the people I pass on the highway, for the love, PLEASE drive a little faster, I don’t have all day here.


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