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$5 Outdoor Fun!

It’s finally the perfect weather to go outside in Florida! Sunny & 75!

Since it’s beautiful outside, I sent the kids out to play and we quickly realized that we don’t have any activities for them to do {aside from riding bikes or playing sports}! Because in our case, if they don’t have something to keep them busy, they will end up making dirt pies….which is not as fun as it sounds. πŸ˜‰

We hopped in the car and took a mini adventure to The Dollar Tree! It seems like they have really raised the quality of their products. Score! We went in with determination and went straight to shopping! I wanted to try to stick to things you can play with outdoors.

To try and keep everything organized and separated, each child got to pick out a different color organizational basket to fill. They chose things like bubbles, chalk, jump ropes, bouncy balls, little toys and bubble trays. Each basket was only $5!!

You can always add more toys or activities, like crayons and a coloring book or even some finger paint if you’re feeling adventurous!

I think this was also a great chance for them to learn to make wise decisions with what they chose since they had a limit of 4 things.

They played with the bubbles alone for over an hour! This basket definitely kept them busy which is a win in my book! I think every few weeks I’ll make a trip to replenish their baskets, they will love seeing their new additions every couple weeks!


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