Family Session Prep


Yay! I am so excited that we are in the process of planning your family session! I cannot wait to capture your beautiful family!

  • choose your package {3 weeks before session}

If you haven’t done so already, click here to check out the packages that I offer to find one that fits your family’s needs! {if you don’t see a package that has what you needs, please let me know and we will create a custom package with everything that you need!} Once you figure out which package you would like, make sure to email me {} so that we can go from there!

  • select your location {2 weeks before session}

It’s time to figure out where we will capture your family’s photos! Click here to check out a list of my favorite photo locations. If you have something different in mind or would like to go to more than one location, please let me know so that we can coordinate to see what the best option will be for your family!

  • optional online consult {2 weeks before session}

Talk and collaborate with your photographer to make sure that you are planning ahead for any specific photos that your want taken. For example; headshots, group photos, just the kids, mom & dad only, dad with the kids, mom with the kids, etc… Make sure to be very clear so that you’re both on the same page are there aren’t any confusions on the day of your session! Check out this Pinterest board for some photo ideas!

  • plan coordinating outfits {1-2 weeks before session}

Start with the most difficult person to dress. Plan all other outfits around that person, remember to coordinate colors and patterns as if you were putting together ONE outfit. Consider the colors in your home when you are planning your outfits as well. Your portraits will ultimately hang in your home and should fit cohesively, reflecting the personality & style of your family! Check out this Pinterest board that I have put together that has tips and ideas for some great outfits! 

  • gather props {2-3 days before}

I always bring props like chalkboards, blankets, and the basics, but we want this session to be specially tailored to your family. Bring along and small, meaningful items that you would like to incorporate into your special occasion!

  • get plenty of rest {the night before or day of for young children}

Get to bed early and get a good night’s sleep. Happy children & rested parents = beautiful portraits!

  • make sure to eat {1-2 hours before}

Fill the bellies of all participants before your session. The is especially helpful for young children and even dads! It’s also helpful to bring along a little bag or goldfish or m&ms to settle the kids down {and bribe if needed ;)} during your session!

  • get dressed {1 hour before}

It’s time to get ready for your session! Make sure that young children eat before gettubg dressed to avoid spills or messy clothing.

  • arrive early {10 minutes before}

Arrive 10 minutes early to give yourself and family plenty of time for last-minute issues that may arise.

  • during your session:

Have fun! Relaxed families = beautiful portraits!

  • watch for preview {the next day}

Wait anxiously for your sneak peek and start planning your physical portrait needs. Don’t forget to measure any wall spaces that you need to fill!

  • order your physical & digital photos {2-3 weeks after your session}

Place your order within the window provided to your photographer to ensure quick delivery AND your status as “best client ever!”


If you have any questions, comments or concerns about your upcoming family session, please do not hesitate to let me know at! I want your session to be easy peasy!